All you need in-house

The premium quality of our new build, refit and service activities can be attributed to the way local and in-house expertise is combined with the leading Dutch sub-contractors and OEM partners. Our experienced management team has an in-depth background in yachting and an excellent track record with Amsterdam Yacht Builders or other top yards. They also know how to get the most on your behalf from the technical professionals and hands-on craftsmen deployed on your project.


Brain power

As you can see on these pages, a wealth of skills are readily available to your yacht. Crucially, our people are also used to thinking along with clients too.


Under the floorboards, behind the walls, in the engine room… The expertise of our engineering team will ensure everything runs smoothly on your boat. 

Hull construction

Cruising the waters of the world you need to be completely confident in the reliability, strength and performance of your hull. We leave nothing to chance.  


A specialist art that requires a deft hand and lots of experience, the welders who ply their trade at Amsterdam Yacht Builders are masters in metalwork. 


As one of the most visible aspects of any yacht, we take pride in employing painters who appreciate their importance and accept nothing but a perfect finish. 


Keeping the onboard climate comfortable while meeting the latest environmental standards requires genuine specialists in all areas of insulation. You can count on us. 

Electrical installations

Good sparkies have a key role to play in every successful boat project, both at the time and for years to come. We only work with the best.

HVAC installations

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System Integration

Ensuring that all your onboard systems and technologies work seamlessly together as a collective whole is a specialist art that we understand well.


Whatever power you opt for, from conventional to hybrid and all-electric, our power specialists will keep you on the move.

Interior & exterior woodwork

From sturdy outside carpentry to the most exquisite interior joinery, our woodworkers love to create the perfect finish. 

Deck equipment

You can buy the best steering gear, capstans, windlasses and winches. But you also need the best people to fit them well.

Mast, rigging & sails

Regardless of your sail plan and rig configuration, the experienced hands at AYB will ensure you make the most of fair winds. 

Underwater inspections

An eye for detail and a sense for the big picture. Our experts will scrutinise every aspect of your hull and appendages. 

480-tonne lift 

Dominating the skyline near our yard, the largest boat crane in Holland works as impressively as it looks. Let’s get your yacht on the hard.

By sailors for sailors

Theory into practice

How can our experts be of service to you? From a completely new build to a first maintenance visit, the only way we can show you what we’re truly capable of is to start a new project together. Please get in touch below for an informal chat…